Whether  your goal is selling goods or services, positioning your company as an innovator, establishing yourself as a thought leader, or something more, RemainComm creates the content that will make you look better and be remembered by more people.


Interviews  Podcasts • Narration • Voice-over • Webinars

With years of experience behind the mic and on camera, Phil Wilson and RemainComm can voice your next spot, interview  your customers, host your podcasts and more. We can help you command the stage in the theatre of the mind.


Interviews  Video Podcasts • Testimonials • Screencasts • Webinars

Video is one of the stickiest mediums available. Post it to YouTube, Facebook and  your website and watch it impact your engagement. We specialize in unique and personal video styles including handheld interviews, screencasts and more. In fact, one of our customers says that we “Have unlocked the power of the Flip camera.” Though our specialty may be smaller and cost effective, we can also can handle large scale video shoots and presentations as well.


Blog Posts  Commericals /Promotional Spots • Social Media Content •  Articles  Text Messaging 

Technology has provided you with more opportunity to create and share the written word. From 15 and 30 second commercials to 140 character tweets and full length blog posts, we’ll provide smart, funny and effective writing that serves your needs.


Websites  Social Media Branding • Graphics • Print  Email Campaigns • Presentations

Your content may need creative visual elements, collateral or it may even need an actual place to reside. We can provide it for you.


Talent Services and Development

On-Air Coaching  On-Camera Coaching  Public Speaking Coaching 

Not only can RemainComm offer the talents of a professional host, emcee, or presenter, with a history in talent development and coaching, we can work with you or anyone in your company. From CEO’s to kids, Phil Wilson is known for getting the best out of people. The goal is simple: make you and/or your company look good.


Media Strategy  Marketing • Advertising

Whether  you need some help in determining your first step or your next step in your media strategy, we’ll help you design and deliver a roadmap and content that gets the job done