Ravin’ to be Conclavin’

I should make it clear here that, I’m a "recovering" broadcaster! That means I love radio and enjoy working in the business. So, though I’m spending more and more time in marketing and new media, you’ll probably see lots of posts about radio. In the words of Popeye, "I yam what I yam!"  I enjoy the heck out of "doing" radio.

With that said this weekend I’ll be spending all my time at the annual Conclave Learning Conference being held on Minneapolis this weekend. This is a conference put on for broadcasters from around the country and it is one of the few gatherings where it’s not all schmoozing. There’s actual learning going on. Yes, it’s true, radio people getting together to learn how to communicate better, not only on the radio but through new media as well.

Anyway, for the past 3 months I’ve had the distinct pleasure of doing some project work with Tom Kay and the others at the Conclave office and on the Board of Directors as another great event has been put together. I should point out that I’ve been going to, working with, and presenting at the Conclave for years but, this is the first time I’ve  been part of th nuts and bolts

Over the course of the weekend I’ll do my best to post some pictures and comments here so check back if you want to see what’s happening with radio in the Land of 10,000 Lakes (Actually there’s many more but they can’t keep updating the license plates.)

A word of explanation…

How we communicate with each other personally and how business
communicates with it’s customers changes rapidly. New channels that provide
information sprout up daily, if not hourly. Sometimes we react with enthusiasm,
or disbelief, or fear. And sometimes we react with full on panic at the

In the words of Chip Diller, portrayed by a very young Kevin Bacon, in Animal House,
“Remain Calm! All is well.”

That is the premise of what this blog is all about. I get to be a calmer,
more rational, and, sorry to say, older Chip Diller. (And, definitely less of a
full on horse’s ass.) With years of experience in communication, marketing, and
talent development as a radio broadcaster I’m always fascinated by new ways of
communicating with our “audiences.” Whether that audience is your son or
daughter or your customer, I’ll do my best to address the good and bad of
everything from TV, to radio, cell phones, the internet, new media, and
In short, I’m a bit of a geek so it’ll be a lot of fun getting into some
of the new technology, dissecting new systems of marketing, and meeting some of
the real bright minds behind some of it. The bottom line for me though, is no
matter what we think of the way we do it we must, above all, “remain”

I hope you’ll join in….(Say, is that a pledge pin?)