Emotion In the Message

I was talking with a client and friend of mine about being comfortable
speaking in an interview situation about what she does. She knows her stuff
from top to bottom but gets the heebie-jeebies when in the spotlight. We spent
a bit of time talking about why she does what she does and what it is that
drives and inspires her. Then we identified some topics that directly related
to those passions and will seek to target those topics in interviews. Needless
to say she’s feels much more comfortable. She’s more confident because she is
speaking from the heart…speaking with commitment…speaking with passion.

Bob McClain of WordsmithBob.com,
forwarded an article from one of his guests, Judy Merrick-Lockett, about
emotions being the bottom line of success. The article talks about the number
one factor determining success…emotional intelligence. It’s an interesting read
and points out, as above, that your emotions are a great tool when used

Of course, there is a time and place for restraint. Let’s
not be going off on a rant about the high price of plumbers when someone asks
the way to the bathroom or starving kids in China when your kids say they’ve
had enough to eat (Mom!).  At the same
time don’t be afraid to be emotionally involved when you communicate whether in writing, during presentations, or in conversation. Too
often we get caught up in what and how something should be communicated and
miss the chance to really connect with the message and our audience. In a world
crowded with too many messages, a bit of passion and commitment will go along
way in cutting through the clutter.