Radio: Welcome Back Your New Audience

Attention radio: Today Steve Jobs is offering up a whole new audience to you. OK, it’s not a new audience, it’s an audience that has been lost to downloadable music…the parade of internet sites, streams and mp3 players. The leader of which is the iPod. Since it came out so many millions of units sold ago (100 million Nanos alone.), Apple has steadfastly refused to include an FM radio with it…until today.

During the Apple “It’s Only Rock and Roll” event a healthy and reinvigorated Steve Jobs made the announcement along with others including the release of iTunes 9 and iPhone OS 3.1.

The new generation of iPod Nano now comes with an FM radio and a video camera. Radio Rejoice! I’ll let others spend time on why they think Jobs has changed course.

Most importantly, radio, here is your challenge…welcome these disenfranchised listeners back with content that they will love and spend time with. Think about it! The single most popular device that has kept listener’s ears away from your radio station now includes your station as a choice. Now those iPod users that are tired of listening to their library, are tired of hitting the skip button, and don’t have time to download anything new can listen to your content…without removing their ever-present ear-buds.

I believe the course is clear! Make sure your content is something they can love.