Is Blogging Just for Geeks?

A person who is interested in technology, especially computing and new media. (Most
geeks I know don’t even own a pocket protector.)

So, as I’m cruising through my Google reader this weekend
thinking, “Wow, the net is all about Leopard (the Mac OS) this weekend.” It
started me thinking about all of the “feeds” I have in my “reader”…

Techmeme, Engadget,Connecting the Dots, Lifehacker,
Tech-Surf-Blog… surely there’s more to my blogosphere than techy/geeky stuff…right?
Hear 2.0, Infinite Dial, Jacoblog…okay, radio stuff (Not much different though).
Wait a minute…Boing Boing, Mental Floss, Mostly Trivial, RemainComm (Say, that
one’s quite exceptional.) Whew! I do have some “non-geeky” nourishment feeding

So out of curiosity I head over to Technorati and see what
the “most popular blogs are. Three of the top five and 6 of the top 10 are…well…geeky. That’s okay; don’t let that stop you from digging farther into the online
world. The truth is most of these geeks, me included, want more non-geeks

Hop online, search for your topic and you’ll find it. Of
course, don’t be surprised if you come across more information than you could
possibly want on “killer apps,” “widgets” and a pile of blogs on…well…blogging.
Hey, it comes with the territory. The people that build the web use it the most.
It’s only logical that they are talking about it a lot.

If you’re into the tech stuff, cool. If you want more brain
food take in Boing, Boing, Mostly Trivial, of that up and coming RemainComm
(very cool). Art, Politics, Writing, Gardening, Do-it-yourself, Animal Husbandry…everybody has a voice! Please,
go ahead, listen…and if you want…join in. (Maybe you’ll wanna keep the animal husbandry thing to yourself.)

To Blog or Not to Blog?

If you follow this blog regularly, and as you’ll find out
later in this post, regularly is a term I use loosely, you’ll note that it’s
been awhile since I’ve commented on anything.

Don’t get me wrong, as many of my closest friends know, I’m
never at a loss for “topics” that must be commented on (He says with just the
right amount of sarcasm.). It’s just that lately; I’ve been wrestling with what
topics are “worth” commenting or reporting on.

For example, I noticed that shortly after the conclusion of
the Podcasting and New Media Expo, known by it’s acronym as PNME, the
organizers decided to drop the “P” or podcasting from the name. Ok, now the
acronym for the New Media Expo is NME. NME…en-em-ee…enemy! Oops! I’m not sure
this is what needs to be communicated by “new media.” So I’m thinking a post
titled something like “When Acronyms Attack” could be good, but is it?

Another example…Recently the National Association of
(Yep, radio again) announced that it was launching the Radio 2020 initiative.
The idea is to focus on keeping radio relevant for years to come. I don’t think
the window is that wide, let’s go with Radio 2010. Clearing that hurtle is
tough enough. Nah…that topic just seems so…well…done. Besides, it’s too easy to
be cynical and that’s been way, way over done.

So, I’ve shied away from posting because I want to provide
content that is much more actionable as well as entertaining and not just
musings. I’ve found, with all of the information that pours down on us every
day it’s difficult enough to keep up without me adding to it. And yes, in
addition, I now know the meaning of “writer’s block”.

The problem is that if I want to fulfill the goal of
RemainComm, which is to keep communicating, I need to…well keep communicating. In
order to build relationships we all need to keep talking to each other. In my
case, one way I do that is through this blog. If I’m ever going to build a
relationship with you, I’m going to need to share more of me in the hopes of
you sharing more with me.

So, here’s the deal. I’ll keep striving to post real
actionable content but at the same time I’ll keep posting “regularly”. That may
mean shorter posts, posts that are a bit out of left field, or posts that are
insightful, thought provoking, and life changing (yeah…well…maybe). In the end
though, let’s keep talking…

Now about this whole Ellen crying on TV deal…