How we communicate with each other personally and how business communicates with customers changes rapidly. New channels that provide information sprout up daily, if not hourly. These new channels require content that convey a message quickly effectively. While strategic and tactical planning is a vital part of your success, it’s the creation of compelling content that fuels those strategies and tactics and is what RemainComm is all about.

“At RemainComm content is king.  Whether it’s audio, video, or the written word, look no further for creative and unique premium content that stands out online, on-air, or on mobile media.”

Whether you’ve worked with an another agency or firm, or with RemainComm on your strategy, we are all about finding new and unique ways to reach your target, enable the conversation and , build relationships.

It should be noted that in order penetrate the “noise” between you and who you wish to reach, an effective message may span multiple mediums. As a Twin Cities based content creation shop, RemainComm’s services and products span interactive, social, mobile, broadcast, and print media.

About Phil Wilson

Phil WIlson

Phil Wilson, RemainComm Owner and Founder, possesses expertise in marketing, promotion, sales, audience analysis, and research. With 23+ years in on-air presentation and performance as well as 8 years in interactive and online production, Phil has successfully built and managed brands in unique and effective ways. In addition, he works in the area of talent coaching and management. The combination of those proficiencies with the knowledge of interactive, online and social media allows him a unique and thorough overview of the new and traditional media landscape. That overview also enables him to be adept at translating complex products and services to multiple market segments and decision makers.

This passion for communication has led Phil to be involved in many endeavors including co-founding and producing the Twin Cities’ premiere mobile conference, Mobile March, He is also the co-founder of Localtone Systems, dedicated to providing tools to enable direct listener interaction and control of media platforms. Being an avid supporter of Minnesota’s internet and software technology community Phil had a hand in starting, and continues to contribute to, Minnov8, highlighting innovation and web technology in the land of 10,000 lakes.

Phil is active in multiple groups that serve these communication based constituencies including; Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association, Mobile Twin Cities, Social Media Breakfast and more.

Phil is living “happily ever-after” with his incredible wife, his two kids, and the dog just south of the Twin Cities.

If you’re looking for content that stands out in traditional, online and social media, in combination or individually, Phil Wilson and RemainComm can help you build a stronger relationship through enhanced communication with your audience.