Mind the Gap: Back To the Blog

Many have asked, “Why haven’t you been blogging at RemainComm?” I guess it has been a while…ok… a ┬álong while. There really isn’t much of an excuse. It’s not like I don’t have anything to say.

But here’s the thing: I have been blogging…and producing audio and video…a lot. Just not here. When I decided to narrow the scope of what I do at RemainComm to content creation, I found it more important to concentrate on what I was doing for clients. I have spent most of my time blogging, updating Facebook pages and tweeting for a myriad of different businesses or people and frankly, I believed they deserve the attention. So, with a desire to not be totally engulfed in screen, mic or camera time I decided to let the RemainComm blog slide.

Let me clarify, I haven’t been ghost writing for anyone. I’m not a big believer in that, especially in social media. I have been providing, and will continue to provide premium content, to those looking to use it in whatever medium works for the message. (For example, you can see some of my posts on mobile for a Twin Cities based software firm here.) I’ve also been educating others in communicating in this ever changing landscape.

So, why am I back to it now? For many reasons, including: sharing what I have learned, expressing more opinions about the current state of media and communication and, like the people and companies I work with, I want to increase my own business.

So, as they say in the London Underground, “mind the gap” between this post and many others. And look for more posts more often…here and elsewhere. And if you’d like to talk about bringing premium content to your online, on-air or mobile efforts…well, just contact RemainComm.