Covering Minnesota Innovation…Minnov8.

As I alluded to in a previous post I’m privileged to be joining some other tech and interactive folks in launching a new website dedicated to covering innovation here in our home state.

Dubbed Minnov8, we’ll be reporting and/or commenting on technology innovations including websites, applications, software, gadgets and technology initiatives here in the State of Minnesota.

As our chief visionary, Steve Borsch noted in his blog Connecting the Dots, “Minnov8 began as an idea in late 2007 when several Minnesota geeks realized that we shared a passion and a realization that we were living in a time of the greatest shift in communication and connection — affecting both humans and machines — than we were ever going to experience again in our lifetimes.”

One of our other band of merry geeks…er…technology enthusiasts, Graeme Thickins pointed out at Tech~Surf~Blog, “The community needs a forum like this, we’re convinced, and it was time to let ‘er rip. We all really believe strongly in our community.”

I look forward to contributing as much as possible to Minnov8 with an eye toward what all of this innovation really means to the average person. How are companies using tech? How are users reacting to it? How is it making our life easier or better? If we as contributors can point you in the direction of something that can make a positive impact then, at the very least, I will rest easy in the notion that we made it just a bit easier to uncover it.

So check out Minnov8 and by all means let all of us know what you think.