The (Ringtone) Hits From Coast to Coast

You know I post about radio on Thursdays (trust me it’s
still Thursday as I write.) and I have to share a great concept and program
with you.

I had lunch with Dave Ryan, the morning guy from KDWB in Minneapolis. Over the
past few years Dave has been kind enough to drag himself away form his family
and adoring fans and sit down to lunch with me. It’s always a great time.


This week, over Mexican food, Dave, with salsa breath, told
me of his latest endeavor; The Ringtone Countdown. After a bit of bad humor
like, “What, that’s like a five minute show? How long is the average ringtone?”
and “I don’t think I could listen to an hour of Crazy Frog.” Dave gave me the

Each week he and his producers put together the top ten full
songs that are the basis for the most popular ring tones of the week. (Phew!)
Put away the Casio keyboard and check out a sample here.

The ten songs are compiled by Dave and staff by tracking ringtone
purchases from many different sources and providers and not just Billboard’s
chart. This eliminates the need to hear The Pink Panther theme every week. (For
the love of…who keeps downloading this thing? Henry Mancini’s granddaughter?) In
addition, Dave tells me they add plenty of entertainment news, “Top Picks”, interviews and extras to round out the show.

Yeah, Dave’s a friend and this may seem like a shameless plug but, This is a great idea! Hooray, content! Kudos to Dave and his distributor,
Nineball Radio, for serving up something that is tapping into a young audience’s
subculture. The show debuted on January 5th and is currently airing
in Minneapolis, on Dave’s home station KDWB, Orlando, Hartford, Davenport, and Palm Springs. They’re also about to debut in Tucson, Colorado Springs,
and Duluth.

This thing is so new there isn’t a full on website yet but
watch for it soon. I suggested they do a 5 minute podcast version. Hey Dave,
how about a Dave Ryan ring tone? Okay, that might be scarier than Crazy Frog.

Now here’s a peek at this week’s Top Ten…

10  Apologize-OneRepublic 
9  Paralyzer-Finger Eleven
8  Sensual
Seduction-Snoop Dogg
7  Sweetest
Girl-Wyclef Jean
6  Take
You There-Sean Kingston
5  No
One-Alica Keyes
4  Suffocate-J. Holiday
3  Clumsy-Fergie
2  With You-Chris
1  Low-Flo

…now Susie
wants to dedicate the Super Mario Brothers theme to her boy friend who won’t tear himself away from his XBox and get a job…well Susie, here’s your long
distance dedication…
Koji Kondo. (Sorry, I couldn’t help it.)