ohwha tagee kiam

…OhWha TAGee KIAm…Oh What A Geek I Am. Who knew?  I joined the ranks of “Those that can not wait” today. Not content to sit and wait (what, a whole hour) for the video of the Steve Jobs keynote, affectionately known as Stevenote, at MacWorld today I fired up the computer to try and follow along.

Since the presentation isn’t aired live I depended on the kindness of about a zillion sources of hurriedly written text by those inside the Moscone Center. You’ll note just two of the screens that cluttered my desktop for the hour. I haven’t included the other blog windows, my Twitter and e-mail. You’ll also note that one of the screens is my AIM screen. Yep, to really peg the geek-meter, I was IM-ing with my friend Mark Swift as he joined a bunch of his IT pals for lunch and blog watch during the event…the next thing you know I’ll be bidding for a “tricorder” on eBay.

I realized the last time I had this many screens open was when the I35 bridge collapsed. Interesting how I now gravitate to my computer desktop when I really want to follow something closely. I’m using this form of media so much…maybe it’s not “new” anymore.