And now some “Poll” Dancing.

Now that I’ve got you all a twitter…(Those of you who landed here while searching for literal “pole” dancing…check your spelling and move along.)I’ve launched a polling application on the site. So…care to “dance?”

I think the first poll, that will be here for a week, is a great starting point. It only makes sense to see how you prefer to communicate. If you don’t communicate (and that’s not one of the answers) please start.

In the coming weeks I’ll ask for your thoughts on all sorts of things from communication to media, to the latest on Britney…(Hey, she hasn’t done anything whacky lately…hope she’s okay.)

Feel free to wake the kids, alert the media, tell your friends! You can even copy the poll. I’d love your input!


  1. did you mean to misspell “you” instead of “your” two times in this post?

    i will take your poll now and it is cool to have one on a blog. where did you get that?

  2. Isn’t that embarrassing. Thanks for the heads up. The poll is a freebie from Vizu.