Why can’t everything have an “easy” button?

I’ve spent my fair share of setting up new software,
programs, and applications. When it comes to doing this I usually can stumble
my way through the set-up. But sometimes, especially when it comes to
applications, there is just way too much cutting and pasting to do.

                 Photo courtesy of Staples

In this Web 2.0 world why is it that someone can put
together a kick-butt application that can turn my cell phone into a TV remote,
make my blog update on Twitter, or let me download a song and let out the dog
at the same time, but can’t include a step that automates it all? Instead, I
have to open files or directories that, as far as I know, could contain the
very life of my computer. Then I have to cut and paste code into them. I’m always thinking, “One
wrong step and I’ll launch an ICBM on some poor unsuspecting
country…or my neighbor.” Yikes, it gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinking
about it.

Hey, this could be said for anything you have to do
yourself. Man, an easy button would have been sweet when I built that deluxe wall
unit in college. (It’s amazing what they can do with graham crackers and vinyl
veneer, isn’t it?) But when it comes to computer applications the need for an “easy”
button is not only great but it is attainable.

Developers: Most of the people who use your creation…your
customers…will appreciate it if you make it easy for them. It’s nothing
personal, but if it’s not easy they will find something that is. So once you
design the widget or app, please design a program that automates the set up. I
really don’t want to blow up my computer (much less my neighbor…at least not