A Note for the Teacher

Dear ______,

I was looking through the
handout that came home with my son regarding your plans, expectations, and
policies for your communications class. I truly appreciate all your hard work
and will do everything in my power to help my son excel in your class and
develop a strong interest in communication as I have. 

Also, I wanted to ask if you
have anything in your curriculum regarding communicating in the “New
Media” world including e-mail, text messaging, voicemail, blogging, etc… If
so, great! If not, I’d like
to talk with you about the subject.

Whether it’s a one day topic or a
week long “unit”, the way our kids communicate today is much
different and involves a technology that’s quite different than previous
generations. Text messaging has already become the communication of choice
among our youth and has spawned a whole new “language” while e-mail is the
standard in the business community. It is vital that our kids learn the art of
communication no matter what the vehicle. They must understand the difference
between crafting a short story or composing a letter and how they text or
e-mail. Imagine Hamlet written “2B?” You’d have to agree that what we write
reflects who we
are as an individual, as well as whom we are as a society, to
readers now and in the future.

I know you have much on your plate
as a new school year begins and I’m sure there are many things you wish to
accomplish. I hope that this topic is part of your teaching plans, if not this
year perhaps next.

Again, thanks so much for your
dedication to our kids and thanks in advance for your time on this
discussion. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Phil  Wilson