This one time…at Podcamp….

I’m headed to camp! I don’t know about you but that brings
back allot of memories, both good and bad. A chance to be “on my own” and
campfires on the good side and the smell of mildewed canvas (Kids, ask your
parents what tents used to be made of.) and the late night pranks played on the
skinny kid. (Though, I wasn’t completely innocent of pulling a few on others.)

This time, thanks to a heads up from Garrick Van Buren, I’m
off to Po
dCamp. PodCampMN to be exact, on August 25th. The smell
should be one of brewing beer since its being held at Flat Earth Brewing in St. Paul, MN.

Easy access to beer…this alone should provide for some lively conversation. In reality, the conversation will be driven by many of the
Podcasters that are driving the growth of the medium her in Minnesota and beyond. Even if you’ve never
been a part of an “unconference” you should be there as well. This type of open
source gathering allows for an incredible amount of learning without the “Bueller,
Bueller. Anyone? Bueller.-like” presentation you’ll find elsewhere. My first
unconference experience was at Minnebar and I was pleasantly surprised at how
un-geeky it was. (Of course, this could mean I’m geekier than I think? Nah!)


Though being around for 5+ years or so, podcasting is still
very much in its infancy. The big issues I feel it still faces are; maintaining
it’s ability to be unique and non-conformist, the ability to measure it’s reach
to better monetize it for business where appropriate, and improving the quality
of production and presentation.

I’m excited about the prospect of discussing these topics
and hearing from those that are knee-deep in producing and distributing podcasts.
I want to encourage anyone who has an interest in where media and
communications are going to check one of these podcamps near you. You’re
staring down the barrel of the future…find out all you can so you know when to
hold your ground or when to duck.