ADM-About Da Money

I had the pleasure of sitting in on the first ever conference call of the membership of the newly created Association of Downloadable Media (ADM). I’m happy to say it’s well on it’s way to being the organization it should be, one that focuses on the monetization of podcasting and other downloadable media.

I also plan to participate in the beginnings of another organization, the Association of Podcasters & Online Media Producers (A working title) should that happen because of differences of opinion with the ADM. They have completed a survey which clearly indicates a need and desire for such an organization but, as of yet, have not posted any follow-up steps on their website. Though I am sure that will be forthcoming.

On the ADM call I was happy to hear absolutely no discussion of standardizing podcasts only the standardizing and measurement of the ways in which they generate revenue…if that is the goal of the podcast.

You’ve seen me talk about the need to measure the reach and effectiveness of new media here before. There will come a time we’ll need to show the return on investment to buyers of the medium.  You also know that as a long-time radio guy I am keenly aware of the danger of homogenizing the content and execution of new media. ADM seeks to address those issues in all the right ways.

If you’re a podcaster and want to make money doing it, ADM is well on the way to being the organization for you. Of course,
it’s brand new and there will be some growing and learning to do. But
if the call is any indication there is a great future for new media

Susan Bratton of Personal Life Media ran the call and kept everyone on
track in explaining the mission and intentions of the organization.
Much of this can be found at the ADM website but it’s always great to
hear a real person bring the sincerity needed to be convincing. The
cost of membership is a concern by many that are watching the ADM. The
part of that discussion that pleased me most was that a corporate
member ($1000) still only has the voting power as an individual member
($150). One membership…one vote.

The ADM is operating with and interim Board. The actual Board will be
voted in by members in October and nominations are being accepted
through the month of September. There are also plans for a real live
meeting at the upcoming Podcast and New Media Expo at the end of

Beyond the housekeeping other topics included; the need to maintain a
global perspective, building of an ADM podcast, ideabank and member
wiki. There was also plenty of talk about spreading the word. Not only
the word of encouraging ADM membership to the podcast community, though
I would encourage that, but also the need to promote podcasts as an
advertising medium. It would be great to see a “lobbying” group
actively addressing agencies around the world to truly explain how the
“long tail” can bring success to them and their clients.

I hope to have some material to talk further about his in person at this weekend’s upcoming PodcampMN.

The bottom line…if you want to make money with podcasting, get
involved. If you want to do your own thing…that’s just great. Again,
the web can provide both.